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Patrick Salatto Iii

Century 21

Auburn, AL



Century 21



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Patrick Salatto Iii
2320 Moores Mill Road
Auburn, AL 36831

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Eric Michael says:
Trey, My email is for 3 reasons. First is that I want to congratulate you for making the 30 Under 30 in 2002. As a fairly new Realtor, I've been going thru some of the older articles to read how Realtors are making it work. Secondly, being here in Michigan, I would like to make contacts in other markets, so that I have someone I could refer a client to should they decide to move out of my state (and they are!). Lastly, I was wondering if there is any advice, books, websites, listing presentation info, etc, that you could share with me that would help kick-start my real estate career on a more solid foundation. Any advice would be great. Thanks for your time. Respectfully, Eric Michael Remerica Integrity, Realtors