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Carolyn Farmer

Century 21

Dothan, AL



Century 21



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Carolyn Farmer
2158 West Main Street
Dothan, AL 36302

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Tammy Ware says:
Dear Carolyn, Ed and I hope you are healthy and doing well this new year. I've missed staying in touch with you. Our plans are still to retire in Dothan. Past and current financial events have left us with no down payment towards a second home in Dothan, however we are hopeful to put together some funds this year and try again for a modest home for either a rental with a tenant in place or a home with a very modest mortgage. I would love to hear from you and know how the fish were biting last year if you got to go on vacation. The housing market is worse than lousy here. Our condo development is full of rentals and foreclosures. The market value is less than half what we paid at pre-construction prices, but we are not looking to sell and there are NO buyers in the area at ANY price. I would love an update on the Dothan area and the real estate market. I'm always looking for a deal, but want to stay in the better neighborhoods you showed us. We will be going to NC/TN in September this year, so hopefully we'll talk way before that. We could perhaps see you on our way back to Florida. Affectionately, Tammy Ware 1845 Sandhill Crane Drive Fort Pierce, FL 34982 772-924-2905 and Ed Link