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Roy Robertson

Century 21

Lady Lake, FL



Century 21



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Roy Robertson
845 Teague Trail
Lady Lake, FL 32159

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carol barnhart says:
Roy: Sorry I haven't been in contact with you in the last week but ended up having emergency surgery on Monday for a stomach hernia. The Dr. actually wanted it done last wednesday but due to thanksgiving, had to wait for full staff at hospital. So I have been home all week & not getting any of my e-mails from work. My daughter & I are still scheduled to come into Florida next thursday & plan on looking at as many houses as possible. Like I said before, Mary & Dave have something planned for Friday for us, so I guess that day is out unless plans have changed but she is on holiday in Aruba until this weekend sometime.. We are interested in open kitchens, steve likes the bigger liani's although I haven't seen many on line, & I'd prefer the same side as Mary from highway 466 but who knows right? Seems the pools are further apart on the other side. You can try to e-mail me here at this address or call me at 716-773-4131 or I will be back at work on Monday so you can reach me there by e-mail if you want. Read the article on the IRS & the money the villages owe them in back taxes...I don't want to get involved in that mess...what is going on with that? The money they are making & all the houses they are building & still not paying taxes...I went through this living on Grand Island & possibly loosing my house to the Indians, I don't want to worry about this again. Whats the difference between a POA & a HOA? I also like those houses that have fenced in areas (don't know what they are called) or if they are even in our price range...they look all the same & sit at an angle????? I think a woman showed Mary & I one two years ago when I was first down there & they were nice & open too. I think she said people with dogs seem to like those. Looking forward to seeing you. Carol