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Kat Andler

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Boxford, MA



Century 21



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Kat Andler
7 Elm Street
Boxford, MA 01921

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previous 09 client says:
I used this woman as my real estate agent. She offered all this help. Even introduced me to her family during the sale. Said she would help me fix up what needed to be. Once we closed I never saw her again. We had some problems which should have been a lawsuit against her and the sellers in all reality when I contacted the office of public health. Especially because we were told no water damage on a condo and when I went to get an inspection she said I didn't need one and advised against it so I could close in a timely manner. I brought someone in to take a look at it and she told him it was illegal to lift the corner of the NEW rugs (we were super naive to believe her). Had we done this we would have seen the wood rot that we saw when we pulled up the newly installed (so must have known)rug. I called her and tried to get ahold of her when we had mold in the unit (mind you I have severe asthma and she knew this - i actually almost died and was in the hospital for 2 weeks due to this) and she never got back to me. I also emailed her and contacted her on facebook. She only lives a little ways (10 minutes) too. She never got back to me but the lawyer I used did call me back after I called him and said that he knew I had called her so clearly she was just taking no responsibility. I only wanted advice on what to do but she left me in the wind. Also she works with her husband and bestfriend.. they all seem to cover for eachother. Neither her nor her husband would return my calls. The lawyer however did atleast return my calls. This woman should have her license pulled in my opinion. I fixed up the condo on my own about $15,000 to do it properly (just materials - not including lanor and mold removal) and am now selling and buying a house due to getting married and being pregnant with twins. But I am going with another real estate agent and company. I tried to find reviews on her and couldn't.. so I hope this helps someone else. Please note I would assume she had nothing to do with this had she not refused to let us lift the rug which i found out later many people do or even if she had bothered to contact me again. And yes my email is real.. I made it just for this.