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Levell Reed

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Meridian, MS



Reed Realty


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Levell Reed
Meridian, MS 39302

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Jessica Lander says:
I just wanted to mention, that I have heard various facts of how Levell Reed treats his tenants. Reed has a terrible reputation in Meridian as a "slumlord". He is very disrepectful, and only wishes to be in the business for his own game or should I say "for his own name." It may seem that one person opinion matters, but trust me, I speak for every person whom has incounter Reed. He is an arogant and bitter man. If Reed wishes to attract other customers, I suggest he first work on the houses and the curb appeal on his filthy places. No one would wish to live next to a crack house. Reed should come off that high horse of his, and open his eyes to what really needs to be done. Good Luck.