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Ellen J. Peric

Carolina Farms/Pilot Mountain

Pilot Mountain, NC



Carolina Farms/Pilot Mountain


(336) 368-9472


Ellen J. Peric
Pilot Mountain, NC 27041

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Buddy Kearns says:
I realize we all have bad days. Those are the one's that I have found to be a challenge, and offer a chance to take a tough situation, and make it a positive for all. In dealing with Errin Perric, I found out that she can't deal with gray areas. Those are usually pretty simple times when you have two people with 800 plus credit, that are trying to purchase a home that had been on the market quite a while. I have tried to be somewhat analytical about our experience, and come up with something I have seen with other realtor's. Some tend to win over the seller by inflating the price to get the contract. Then they end up having to play the back and forth game with the other broker. Things were a lot simpler, without brokers. Both parties sat down with their realtors, and worked out the deal in front of each other. I eliminated so much poop. I think it is worse than the car business now. Ellen currently has so many listings, I don't see how she can have the time to take care of her clients. Considering how many she has sold verses her listings, something is not working!