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Susan Reel

Century 21

Westerville, OH



Century 21



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Susan Reel
409 West Main Street
Westerville, OH 43081

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Kristie Finan says:
I'm not at all impressed with your work ethic and cannot wait to be finished dealing with you. You have been a complete waste of energy and time. I cannot believe that National City Mortgage has teamed up with you to list their properties. If I have it my way, they won't in the future. You have NOT earned your points in closing. You've done nothing to help this sale move along smoothly, in fact my banker, my real estate agent, and I HAVE ALL DONE MORE WORK PUSHING THIS THROUGH THAN YOU HAVE! WE collectively deserve your commission on this sale. I will NEVER recommend you to anyone looking to sell or buy a house in the future. I will make it known to all of my family and friends to stay completely away from you and your company.