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Jimmy Butler

Butler Realty Company

Ardmore, TN



Butler Realty Company


(256) 423-4411


Jimmy Butler
Ardmore, TN 38449

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Linda Morrison says:
Hi, Jimmy, This is the Coulter's daughter. First of all, you are doing a great job. To have all this interest is a blessing. Mom said you had some homes in mind to show them. Would you send me the links to the homes you think might fit them? Mom said she doesn't want to look until they get a contract, and I told her she better start now, in case someone would want to close in 30 days. So far I like the foreclosure best. My other thought was that I wonder if we could get some repairs included in the closing, like a new roof. The only reason I would think to include this in negotiations (even if we have to pay more than the asking price) would be to get as close as possible to what Mom and Dad get for theirs. My brother is worried about capitol gains. I am dying to come look myself, but may have to save the plane fare for the garage sale/and or move. Thank you for everything you have done. Linda Morrison