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Shaun Petracca

Eastern Valley Associates, LLC

Fairmont, WV



Eastern Valley Associates, LLC




Shaun Petracca
219 Monroe Street
Fairmont, WV 26554

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219 Monroe Street Fairmont, WV, 26554 Map


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Robert Broun, II says:
Shaun is one of the most capable commercial brokers I've dealt with. His ability to see and make sense of the deal is superb. I highly recommend this honest hardworking professional.

Christy (Wilder) Feather says:
Shaun, I remember somewhere, someone saying you were in real estate...I may be looking into moving back to the Morgantown/Fairmont area and thought I'd Google you to see if I was right...and there you were! I am living in Cheyenne, Wyoming now and have been in contact with some folks at WVU who are interested in recruting me. The plans are in their infancy but the possibilities are rather interesting so I thought I might connect with you just incase. Give me a shout if you would be interested in helping me get settled if, infact, I relocate...hope you are well and would love to catch up sometime. Christy